Bridges represent an iconic parallel of our own lives. We spend nearly every waking moment (even when we are unaware) in the process of building: building families, careers, relationships and financial plans. We set foundations and at times, we tear them down. Our lives are fluid, not static and require daily maintenance. I am increasingly convinced that when we expand our awareness of the process, we explode our potential to be truly masterful, creative and excellent in every area of life. We can become master bridge builders – wildly, passionately and purposefully at work in our own lives and in the lives of those around us.

Welcome to Bridges of influence, a place of undeniable connection. As you’ve discovered in your own life, bridge building requires careful planning, passionate vision, creative solutions, and most certainly, hard nosed perseverance. You’ll find this the place to be inspired, to be moved to change, to become connected, or to simply rest from the day.

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